Big, colourful and impactful. Maxi chains are back in the spotlight in Valter 1905’s autumn/winter 2022-2023 collection. From modern jewels to wear with ease to accessories to decorate bags, shoes and belts.


The maxi resin chains in Valter’s collection play with colours, preferring warm tones. The different nuances are enriched with facets thanks to transparent and glitter finishes, tortoiseshell and marble effects. Chains have become a symbol of freedom through their original style and the glamorous touch they give to looks and accessories, subverting traditional symbolism. Colorful maxi chains by Valter 1905


The freedom to dare also manifests itself in the choice of texture. Valter’s maxi chains are smooth, faceted and hammered, which makes them spectacular, in addition to their surprising XXL size.Bijoux in maxi chains by Valter 1905


The use of modern materials, colours and textures has elevated maxi chains to the status of a must-have accessory. Not only choker necklaces, but also eye-catching earrings to be matched with a minimal outfit that focuses on bijoux. But this contemporary component has also made its way into other fields, such as leather goods, where it is used as a decorative and practical element.Earring in maxi chains by Valter 1905

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